Friday, November 7, 2008


Here is an interesting clip from a Swedish documentary that takes a look into our public school system.
This is why I'm in favor of vouchers and pretty sure my kids are not going to public school.  Teachers like this need to find another line of work.  My favorite part is when she leans in to that sweet little girl whose father is in the military and tells her "It's a senseless war!", and insinuates that McCain wants her father to be military for another hundred years. Classy. Anyone have any thoughts or stories about education or bad teachers?


Brad Shull said...

ummmmm. That lady should be fired. WOW!

becki said...

Oh boy!! What a jerk!! I love how they edited that next clip of her saying she doesn't brow beat anyone and then gave her "factual account" of how she handled the students opposing presidential selections in the classroom. I felt bad for that poor girl! Do you know where that school was?

Justin Ransom said...

Fayetteville, North Carolina. Here is a story from the local paper: